Company Vision

WAGMI Games is more than just a collection of Web3 games. It's a comprehensive universe that includes original characters, rich backstories, captivating lore, and comic books based on the novel "NiFe Wars: We're All Gonna Make It", which is currently being written.
The team's vision is to create a series of games, comic books, real-life collectibles, and in the distant future, an immersive Cinematic Universe with a TV series, films, and anime that will delve deeper into the war between humans and aliens over Earth's core element, NiFe.
The developers envision a world where the gaming community comes together to play friendly battles, competitive tournaments, trade collectibles, and most importantly, have fun. The WAGMI Games universe is designed to provide a unique and engaging experience for players, as they immerse themselves in the story and become part of the NiFe Wars.
NiFe Wars Volume 1: The Betrayal (first comic book chapter)