Company Vision

Building a Revolutionary Web3 Entertainment Franchise

WAGMI Games is not merely a single game; it is the visionary force behind a groundbreaking Web3 entertainment franchise. Our comprehensive universe boasts original characters, rich backstories, captivating lore, anime and comic books based on the novel "NiFe Wars: We're All Gonna Make It" currently in development.

Our team's vision is to craft a series of games, comic books, real-life collectibles, and in the future, an immersive Cinematic Universe with TV series, films, and anime. All will delve deeper into the war between humans and aliens over Earth's core element, NiFe.

We envision a vibrant gaming community engaging in friendly battles, competitive tournaments, and collectible trading while immersing themselves in the gripping story of the NiFe Wars.

WAGMI Games aspires to offer a unique and engaging experience where players become part of the saga, contributing to the evolution of our franchise. Join us as we redefine entertainment paradigms and shape the future of transmedia entertainment through the epic saga of the NiFe Wars.

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