WAGMI Games has managed to create an all-star team of highly experienced members that have been successful in business endeavors preceding their time with the franchise. The team is comprised of over 20 individuals including developers, administrators, community moderators and blockchain experts.

Core Team

Ian Bentley, CEO
Ian’s experience includes a successful $15M exit with Autotropolis, a marketing agency focused on lead gen and SEO in the Automotive sector.
He has also been a consultant to various 7 and 8-figure organizations ranging from entertainment (Broadway), restaurants (Ford’s Garage), online agencies (Pivot and Scale) and health care.
He is also on the Advisory board for Local Light, is a business mentor at the Long Beach Accelerator and has been involved in crypto since 2017.
Luis Trujillo, CGO
Luis is the creator of the College Finance Mentor online program featured on Fox News, MoneyTalksNews, and Telemundo. In addition, he’s curated a secondary program for ScholarshipOwl, a powerful scholarship matching platform, generating millions of hits per month. Luis currently serves as a Financial Compliance Officer overseeing a 50 million dollar school district budget.
He is a video game aficionado and a true visionary who is overseeing the creation of the WAGMI Games. He believes developing the best-in-class crypto games is what will set WAGMI apart and create lasting success for investors and gamers alike.
Chris Burkett, CMO
Chris has been in the marketing industry for over 20 years, helping bring record-breaking revenue into even Fortune 500 companies. His "numbers game" approach suits him for his role as CMO of WAGMI Games.
Chris is excited to be bringing traditional marketing into the Web3 space, helping to bring mass adoption into the crypto area by marketing to the 3 BILLION gamers around the world. But making the introduction to the crypto side of gaming gradual, educational and most of all - fun.
Khaled Salem, CTO
Mr. Salem is an active day trader and crypto investor and has been for the past 4 years. He believes in longevity and use case, fully understanding the potential of WAGMI.
Learning how to implement and strategically launch his own projects through networking and diligently researching the open market and its backbone.
He believes in knowledge but also character, character and determination is what leads to success. Outside of investments and regular trading, Mr. Salem has obtained his degree in the study of British Law and is actively participating in entrepreneurship.
Scott Herman, DTA
Scott is a YouΤube visionary starting his fitness channel in 2009 when very few understood the value of social media. His expertise on social platforms combined with extensive knowledge of content creation and community engagement enabled him to forge a fitness empire with over 2.6 million subscribers.
His unrivaled experience and expertise in the social media space building online communities and creating easily digestible content are the exact tools that will propel the WAGMI Games franchise to new heights, as he onboards key gamers, investors and creators onto the project.
Kostas Kroustaloudis, GPC
Kostas has worked alongside Scott Herman for over a decade building, from the ground up, a fitness empire of over 2.7M subscribers. In his involvement with Mr. Herman, they were able to visualize and take hold of the massive potential of YouTube before the masses flocked to the platform and this dynamic duo saw the same opportunity with Web3/blockchain gaming.
Now, Mr. Kroustaloudis utilizes his experience in content creation, mobile app development, graphic design & managerial skills to coordinate the collective development team, vital for the WAGMI Games franchise.

Advisory Team (ARCADE)

The team at Arcade possesses knowledge and experience in traditional finance, banking, IT, software and web development, marketing, operations, risk management, equity trading and last but not least, crypto.
They have been an invaluable asset to the WAGMI Games company by advising on the utility of the ecosystem, helping build relationships with key partners and establish connections with significant figures in the industry.
  • Josh Poole, CEO - 12 years investing, 11 years business, entrepreneurship and project management
  • Kevin Oakeson, DoC- 19 years corporate operations, relationship management; 21 years equity investments.
  • Jorge Luis Jimenez, CMO - 16 years in commercial investment banking, ex-partner crypto top 40 hedge fund, advisor on several crypto projects.
  • Justin G., COO - 8 years IT / datacenter operations specialist; 4 years mainframe, and distribution center support