WAGMI Games has assembled a highly skilled team of professionals with a proven track record of success in their respective fields. The team includes over 20 members, including developers, administrators, community moderators, and blockchain experts.

Core Team

Ian Bentley | Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of our web3 gaming franchise, Ian brings a wealth of experience in building successful brands and game development. With a successful $20M exit with Autotropolis, an automotive research portal focused on lead generation and user acquisition, Ian is well-versed in key performance indicators and staying on the cutting edge of user acquisition. Additionally, Ian excels at finding and leading the right talent to make a company successful.

Ian also has a deep understanding and experience in the NFT space, specifically in gaming NFTs. He has served as a consultant to various organizations and is well-connected in the industry as a member of the Advisory board for Local Light and a business mentor at the Long Beach Accelerator.

Brent Pease | Chief Operations Officer/General Manager

Brent Pease is a veteran of the gaming industry with over 30 years of experience, including serving as the Director of Operations at Electronic Arts. He co-founded Industrial Toys, where he held the positions of Chief Technical Officer and COO, leading the company through its acquisition by Electronic Arts.

Brent has also played key leadership roles on 5 major ground-up projects at Apple, Bungie, Avid, DreamWorks Animation, and Industrial Toys, and has led the development of successful games and top-performing teams.

His exceptional product development skills, project management expertise, and executive leadership are steering WAGMI Games franchise to new heights and shaping the future of the gaming industry, positioning the company as a frontrunner in the mobile space. Esteban Gil | Senior Product Manager

Esteban Gil is a seasoned gaming industry veteran with over a decade of experience in running events, developing games, and managing projects. As the Senior Product Manager of WAGMI Games, he's bringing with him a wealth of experience in data analysis, marketing, project management and LiveOps.

Esteban previously served as a Senior Product Manager at Electronic Arts (Respawn Entertainment), where he led the strategy, stakeholder communication, and game LiveOps for Apex Legends Mobile, achieving outstanding results. He also contributed significantly to the growth of Garena Free Fire, the second most popular and highest-grossing mobile game of 2022, where he co-led revenue-driving marketing campaigns and optimized revenue performance.

Esteban is also a co-founder of RetroSHFFL, a leading e-sports and streaming production team based in Mexico. His experience in building successful esports teams and producing high-quality gaming content will be invaluable to WAGMI Games as it looks to achieve mass adoption for its games in the Central and Latin American markets.

Luis Trujillo | Chief Gaming Officer Luis is a visionary leader in the gaming industry, known for his ability to bring the most cutting edge and immersive experiences to players via his original art, lore and character creation. He currently leads a team of 15 people at WAGMI Games in the development of their first mobile title, WAGMI Defense. He leads the team in finding solutions on both the non-technical and technical side with a focus on making a frictionless Web3 game that can onboard the billions of mobile gamers into an immersive high fidelity game that’s addicting. He has created an original cast of 32 original characters and lore which players can immerse themselves in as they dive into their gameplay. His creative vision led to collaboration with Gamestop on their first comic “The Betrayal” which can be found on the GameStopNFT website.

Khaled Salem | Chief Technology Officer

Khaled brings extensive technical expertise to the WAGMI Games franchise. He has a deep understanding of blockchain technology, web technology and the technical infrastructure required for successful web3 projects. He is also well-versed in the legalities of the industry, having obtained a degree in the study of British Law.

As the CTO of WAGMI Games, Khaled is responsible for conceiving and implementing the technology needed to bring mass adoption to the space. His understanding of the market and the backbone of the industry, coupled with his expertise in blockchain and web technology, make him a vital asset in the development of the franchise.

Scott Herman | Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Scott is a well-known figure in both the gaming and fitness communities, known for his channel OhTheHermanity where he has amassed over 60K subscribers and his fitness channel ScottHermanFitness with over 2.7 million subscribers. Scott's expertise in in-game economy and character balancing, combined with his extensive knowledge of online communities and talent in content creation, make him a valuable asset in the development efforts of the franchise. His connections to key figures in the gaming industry, as well as influencers and content creators, have been instrumental in building a strong and engaged community around the WAGMI Games franchise.

Kostas Kroustaloudis | Development Director

Kostas Kroustaloudis holds the position of Development Director at WAGMI Games, where he leads the game's development and coordinates the entire franchise's progress.

As a pivotal member of the team, his exceptional leadership skills and astute decision-making have been instrumental in the successful execution of WAGMI Games' milestones.

In addition to his technical expertise, Kostas has a lifelong passion for playing games, especially mobile, and a deep understanding of game mechanics, stats and functions. This, combined with his keen understanding of the industry, makes him the ideal candidate to lead the WAGMI Games development team and guide the franchise to success.

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