Game Development Team

WAGMI Games adopts a strategic hybrid approach to development, leveraging both in-house expertise and external collaborations with renowned game and art studios. This synergy ensures a seamless and exceptional gaming experience for our community.
  • In-House Development: Central to our development strategy is a team of skilled Tech Round engineers, including former Electronic Arts (EA) professionals. Their expertise drives the core development of the game, infusing it with creativity, innovation, and technical prowess.
  • External Partnerships: To elevate our visual and artistic elements, we have partnered with top-tier studio Room8, a distinguished AAA European game design studio, that has taken charge of asset production, covering characters, animations, VFX, and UI. Their mastery enhances the game's immersive experience and aesthetic appeal.
  • Character Design: In pursuit of extraordinary concept design, we've aligned ourselves with Gadget-bot, one of the world's premier concept design studios. Their ingenuity shapes our entire intellectual property, including the highly anticipated 12 main heroes, set to be revealed in August 2023.
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