Game Development Team

Finding a suitable app development company with the right skill-set and experience to build the WAGMI Games was a critical point of focus for the company. After an extensive search, it was decided that Cubix's expertise aligned with WAGMI Games' endeavors and vision to build a complex and multi-dimensional Web3 game.
Cubix was one among dozens of game development companies reviewed, but WAGMI Games was particularly interested in partnering with Cubix because of the company's expertise and game development track record. Cubix's expertise with blockchain and NFT game development sets them apart, and with a global team of over 200 members, the company has served leading market names such as Sapient, Nintendo, Walmart, and more.
To solidify the game's evolution and future updates, WAGMI Games entered into a 12-month contract with Cubix, which was later renewed for another year, to ensure continuity and stability of the development process.
Last modified 2mo ago