Game Roadmap

The WAGMI DEFENSE roadmap is highly subject to change as the development of the game depends on various factors and decisions, as well as community requests and suggestions.

PHASE 1: Closed BETA Launch (on Google Play)

πŸ“… Launched August 30, 2023

βœ… Social Logins & Custodial Wallet

βœ… Game Tutorial & FTUE

βœ… Basic Profile & Settings

βœ… 32 Playable Cards (16 Human & 16 Alien)

βœ… Basic Game Economy

βœ… Emperor's Conquest (Reward Track for PvP)(Includes Ranks & Medals)

βœ… Basic Card System (Card Upgrading, Scrapping & Evolving)

βœ… Ability to buy with FIAT & Crypto

βœ… Ability to list, buy & sell cards on the secondary market

PHASE 2: Soft Launch (Google Play & App Store)

πŸ“… Launched December 20, 2023 - In Progress

βœ…Migration to new in-game wallet (Immutable Passport)

  • Revised User Experience (UX) based on Closed Beta feedback

  • Advanced Card System (added utility to Card Evolution)

  • Galactic Odyssey (Account Experience System)

  • Expanded PROFILE section (more customization & personalization)

  • Expanded Settings Menu

  • Custom Code (ability to invite other players to 1v1 battles

What is Soft Launch? Soft Launch describes the launch of the game in specific countries only. The launch will be gradual and the above features will be introduced during Soft Launch. More specifically, the first territory will be New Zealand and the game will only be available on android devices through Google Play. We plan to introduce iOS availability a few weeks after the initial launch.

The next phase of the launch (Worldwide Launch) will be KPI driven and not time-driven. This means we will be utilizing the analytics and feedback we collect from Soft Launch to adjust and perfect the game for global launch. This process, although sometimes lengthy, is necessary and typical for any successful game title.

PHASE 3: Worldwide Launch

πŸ“… Expected 2024

  • Cinematic Intro for FTUE

  • Brand new Sci-Fi User Interface (UI)

  • Expanded PROFILE section (even more customization & personalization)

  • Expanded Settings Menu

  • WAGMI Pass & Seasons (Seasonal Battle Pass Subscription)

  • Game Modes (PvE, Challenge Mode & Party Mode)

  • Tournaments (host custom tournaments in-app)

  • Friends System (social expansion with the ability to add friends and engage with them)

  • Advanced Matchmaking System

  • Revised Sci-Fi animations, SFX and VFX for the entire game

  • Live Ops (daily, weekly and monthly challenges that boost user retention)

  • In-App Secondary Marketplace

PHASE 4: Worldwide Launch & Beyond

πŸ“… Expected 2024

  • Fusion System (Introduction of Nephilims)(ability to fuse human & alien cards together)

  • Wagering Arenas (wager $WAGMIGAMES tokens on live battles)

  • Clans & Clan Wars (social expansion with the ability to create and join clans)

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