Token Utility

1. In-Game Purchases

WAGMI Defense is accepting $WAGMIGAMES tokens for a minimum of 5% of primary sales. If players choose to use $WAGMIGAMES tokens as a means of payment, they can do so directly. Alternatively, if they prefer to use other cryptocurrencies or FIAT, WAGMI Games will still take 5% of the primary sales amount and automatically convert it to $WAGMIGAMES tokens on the open market.

This approach ensures that players are utilizing the $WAGMIGAMES token for purchases within the game, whether they directly purchase it or indirectly through conversion. As a result, the success of the game and the growth of the $WAGMIGAMES token are tied together, promoting a symbiotic relationship between the two.

Moreover, the $WAGMIGAMES tokens acquired from in-game purchases will be moved to the WAGMI Games treasury. This can be used later for a variety of purposes, such as funding tournaments, locking rewards, or as deemed appropriate by the governance utility.

Overall, this approach not only increases the visibility of the $WAGMIGAMES token but also creates a unique utility for it, thereby enhancing its value.

2. Exclusive Tournaments

WAGMI Games will soon introduce token holder exclusive tournaments, which will be open only to holders of $WAGMIGAMES tokens. These tournaments will offer grand prizes, such as WAGMIGAMES tokens, other cryptocurrencies, even FIAT to the winners.

By hosting token holder exclusive tournaments, WAGMI Games is promoting the use and value of the $WAGMIGAMES token, encouraging players to hold and use the token within the game.

Additionally, the tournaments give the WAGMI Games community an opportunity to engage with each other, building a stronger community around the game and the token.

To participate in the token holder exclusive tournaments, players will need to hold a certain amount of $WAGMIGAMES tokens, as determined by the tournament rules. This requirement ensures that only dedicated and committed players who have a vested interest in the game and the token can participate.

3. On-Chain Governance

WAGMI Games uses an on-chain governance system that enables token holders to vote on certain aspects of the game, making the vote completely decentralized and transparent. Token holders can vote on new in-game items, maps, game mechanics, and in-game music (WAGMI RADIO), among other things.

Holding more $WAGMIGAMES tokens gives players more voting power within the governance system, allowing the community to actively engage in the ecosystem and impact the direction of the game and the company.

The governance feature also allows token holders to vote on the selection of artists and music to be featured in the game. This feature ensures that the community has a say in the development of the game, promoting the growth of the game and the $WAGMIGAMES token.

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