Value Proposition

The Problem

  • The global gaming market is currently valued at $203B and is estimated to reach $314B by 2026. However, the casual web2 gamer will never extract any value outside of entertainment. As for content creators/streamers, they have the opportunity to earn income from monetizing their videos, sponsorships, and donations, but getting to the level where this pays the bills takes months to years of building a strong community.
  • When it comes to traditional gaming, the vast majority of games host their data on centralized servers controlled by game administrators/developers. Thus, all account data, history, in-game assets, and achievements are not owned by the gamer. As a result, these games have become a black hole that absorbs billions of dollars and casual gamers are left with zero return for hundreds to thousands of dollars in micro-transactions when they move onto a new game.

The Solution

Blockchain technology and Web3 can reverse the roles and return the power back to the gamer’s hands. Gamers will not only be able to re-sell their in-game assets (characters, skins, weapons, and more) but depending on factors like rarity or listing a character for sale once fully leveled up, gamers will be able to sell their assets for more money than what they were originally purchased for, a concept that does not exist in traditional games.
That said, even though there's a multitude of Web3 games currently released or in the works, none of them are as suitable for mass adoption as WAGMI Defense, because they do not offer a mobile experience or a smooth transition from Web2 to Web3.

Mobile App Store Experience

The vast majority of non-crypto gamers are not interested in learning how to create a DeFi wallet, buy tokens or deal with anything related to cryptocurrency. In fact, that is the number one barrier keeping traditional gamers from playing Web3 games.
To combat that, WAGMI Defense will be a downloadable game from the official app stores, and to get started, gamers will not even need a DeFi wallet. Instead, everyone will be able to use a non-NFT starter pack to play the game as a guest with limited access.
Available in app stores Q4 2022 - Q1 2023
Once the player has had enough time to experience the game, they'll be presented with a choice to either continue playing for free or create an account and purchase their first starter pack (NFTs) to unlock the full game experience.
Upon account creation, a custodial wallet (WAGMI WALLET) is created and assigned to every player. The WAGMI Wallet will be used to store all in-game assets (NFTs) or alternatively, players may utilize their external wallets, if they so choose.
All in-game assets (NFTs) will be stored there as players immerse themselves in competitive gameplay. Users will learn how to manage their WAGMI WALLET through educational drip campaigns which will teach players how these owned, in-game assets (NFTs) can be leveled up, traded, lent, and even sold at a profit.

FIAT Micro-Transactions

The titans of recent Web2 games such as Supercell, Niantic, Epic Games, and PubG, based the success of their releases on micro-transactions and targeting the casual gamer. Following in their footsteps, WAGMI Games has adopted a similar business model while introducing the element of asset ownership into the mix.
Recent statistics show that only 3% of gamers understand or even have heard of crypto gaming. Evidently, the transition of Web3 gaming to app stores would be for nothing if it was accompanied solely by crypto purchases. In truth, the core element of Web3 games is the opportunity for asset ownership (NFTs) and WAGMI Games will lead the charge by allowing in-game NFT purchases with FIAT, via Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal.
The team’s strategy for mass adoption entails merging crypto gaming and traditional gaming into a hybrid construct that allows the seamless transition of players into the world of Web3.
In short, WAGMI Games has managed to create a game whose success is not dependent on crypto, but forever tied to the success of the game/company as a whole.

Our Strategy

IMMUTABLE-X Partnership
Picking the right network to deploy a project is crucial and with Ethereum’s recent merge to proof-of-stake combined with the overall security of the network, it was the logical choice to launch WAGMI Defense on ERC-20.
However, the cost of performing transactions (gas fees) on the Ethereum network is not only high but very volatile. For example, the average cost of transferring an NFT averages $5 - $10, which presents a major obstacle for crypto games especially if the value of the in-game asset (NFT) is only $8.
So, what is the solution?
Immutable-X and its revolutionary technology allow users to mint (purchase) as well as transfer assets (NFTs) on their Layer-2 Ethereum Network without having to pay any gas fees allowing users to:
  • maintain self-custody of their NFTs without sacrificing the security of Ethereum’s main net
  • create instant, near gas-less and carbon-neutral minting of assets
  • avoid network traffic or failed transactions
WAGMI Games x IMX - Official Partnership

GameStop Marketplace

“It’s your game. Your rules. Your way. Power to the players.”
WAGMI Games has successfully integrated the GameStopNFT Wallet into their Tower Defense Game.
Additionally, WAGMI Defense is going to be one of the few tradable games on the GameStopNFT Marketplace.
Players will be able to connect their GameStop wallet (as well as MetaMask, Trust, CoinBase wallets) to GameStop’s marketplace and:
  • sell their in-game assets
  • buy in-game assets from other players
  • eventually, rent their cards (NFTs) or even entire deck to an interested party
FACT: GameStop’s NFT Marketplace opening week sales eclipsed Coinbase’s Volume with $7.2 million in weekly volume. (source:
Finally, the WAGMI Defense Full Cinematic Trailer premiered on GameStopNFT's official Twitter on November 3rd, receiving over 20K views in 48 hours.
Aggressive Google Marketing
Once available for download, WAGMI Games will begin an aggressive advertising campaign with the sole mission of converting Web2 gamers into Web3.
To accomplish this task, WAGMI Games has successfully whitelisted their Google account with Google Adwords, unlocking a level of marketing potential never before seen in crypto or GameFi.
Additionally, Google has agreed to turn the franchise’s first game, WAGMI Defense, into their case study of how to successfully market a Web3 game to traditional gamers. With the expertise and unique perspective of Google, the WAGMI Games team is confident that marketing will not stand in the way of mass adoption.