Value Proposition

The Problem

The gaming industry faces the following challenges:

  • Billions of dollars are being spent on in-game items that players do not own and cannot sell.

  • Despite the introduction of Web3 games that aim to solve the issue of item ownership, mass adoption remains a challenge.

  • High-friction onboarding processes discourage potential users.

  • Paywalls deter players from engaging with the NFT ecosystem.

  • Players are frustrated with having no return on their in-game purchases.

  • Complicated onboarding processes and the requirement for expensive NFTs or metaverse lands further discourage potential users.

While Web3 games offer the potential for a better gaming experience, addressing these challenges is crucial for achieving mass adoption.

The Solution

The solution offered by WAGMI Defense is to bridge the gap between traditional mobile gaming and the benefits of Web3 technology. By implementing the use of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, players are able to truly own their in-game items and have the ability to trade, rent, and sell them on the open market.

Additionally, WAGMI Defense offers a mobile experience, making it accessible to the majority of casual gamers who prefer to play on their mobile devices.

The game also provides a smooth transition for players who are new to the world of Web3 and blockchain technology, by educating them on the benefits and potential of NFTs.

1. Mobile App Store Experience

The vast majority of web2 gamers are not interested in learning how to create a DeFi wallet, buy tokens or deal with anything related to blockchain or cryptocurrency. In fact, that is the number one barrier keeping traditional gamers from playing Web3 games.

To overcome this, WAGMI Defense will be available for download on the official app stores, and will not be requiring any crypto, NFTs or defi wallets to play the game.

Upon downloading the game, players can begin playing immediately without creating an account. After completing the tutorial, players are asked to create an account using a one-click social sign-in method such as Google or Apple. This passwordless process is designed to reduce friction and make it easy for players to get started with the game. Once the account is created, the entire game is unlocked and can be played fully, just like any traditional game.

Once players have had a chance to experience the game, they have the option to continue playing for free or perform micro-transactions to speed up their progress. These micro-transactions may include game cards, hard currency, resources, emotes, or seasonal passes, all purchasable with both fiat and crypto. Upon account creation, WAGMI Games creates a custodial wallet (Immutable Passport) for every player. This wallet is used to store all in-game items, and players can also choose to use their external wallets if they prefer. This feature makes it easy for players to access, manage, and transact their in-game items, regardless of their prior knowledge of blockchain.

These items, now owned by the player, can be leveled up, traded, and even sold on the secondary marketplaces, providing an additional layer of value and engagement for the players.

As players progress through the game, they will learn how to manage their Game Wallet (Passport) through educational drip campaigns, which will teach them how to upgrade, trade, lend, and even sell their in-game items. These campaigns will allow players to understand the full potential of their in-game items, without the need to have a deep understanding of the underlying technology.

2. FIAT Micro-Transactions

The titans of recent Web2 games such as Supercell, Niantic, Epic Games, and PubG, based the success of their releases on micro-transactions and targeting the casual gamer. Following in their footsteps, WAGMI Games has adopted a similar business model while introducing the element of in-game item ownership into the mix.

Recent statistics indicate that only a small percentage of gamers have an understanding of or have even heard of crypto gaming. As a result, if the transition of Web3 gaming to app stores were solely dependent on crypto purchases, it would likely have limited success.

The core element of Web3 games is the opportunity for in-game item ownership, and WAGMI Games aims to be at the forefront by enabling players to purchase in-game NFTs using traditional currency and popular payment methods, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. The company's strategy for achieving mass adoption involves combining crypto gaming and traditional gaming into a hybrid model, making it easy for players to transition into the world of Web3.

In summary, the success of WAGMI Defense is not solely dependent on the adoption of cryptocurrency, but rather, it is closely linked to the overall success of the game and the company.

3. Aggressive Google Marketing

WAGMI Games plans to launch an aggressive advertising campaign through Google Adwords to promote their first title, WAGMI Defense. The campaign's goal is to convert traditional, non-crypto gamers into Web3 players.

The company has gained access to powerful marketing tools through a whitelisted Google account, and has the support of Google, who will use WAGMI Defense as a case study for successful marketing of a Web3 game to traditional gamers.

With the expertise and resources of Google, the WAGMI Games team is confident that their marketing efforts will not hinder the mass adoption of their game.

4. Powerful Partners


Picking the right network to deploy a project is crucial and Ethereum's recent shift to proof-of-stake combined with the network's overall security made it a logical choice to launch WAGMI Defense on ERC-20. However, the cost of performing transactions (gas fees) on the Ethereum network is still high and volatile, making it difficult for crypto games where the value of in-game items is low.

One solution to this problem is to use Immutable-X and its revolutionary technology, which allows users to mint (purchase) and transfer in-game items (NFTs) on their Layer-2 Ethereum Network without paying any gas fees. This enables users to:

  • maintain self-custody of their NFTs without sacrificing the security of Ethereum’s main net

  • create instant, near gas-less and carbon-neutral minting of digital items

  • avoid network traffic or failed transactions


In August 2023, WAGMI Games officially partnered with OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace. This exclusive partnership is more than just a team-up — it’s a chance to bring some serious innovation to the table.

Opensea’s massive reach and visibility make it the perfect platform to spread the word about digital asset ownership, something we’ve been passionate about since day one. Plus, their user-friendly platform is a win, especially for newcomers to the crypto scene.

Our goal? To push the boundaries of NFT technology and dive into the ever-evolving web3 gaming landscape together.

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