Revenue Model

WAGMI Games creates an immersive entertainment universe that combines deep lore, storytelling, fun games, and collectibles. This approach opens the doors for multiple sources of revenue, including:

1. WAGMI Defense Revenue Streams:

  • In-Game Digital Collectibles (NFTs) - Players have the option to purchase different digital collectibles in the in-game Shop that can traded, lent and sold freely in the open market.
  • In-App Microtransactions - WAGMI Games will offer in-app microtransactions with Adallium, the in-game currency used to obtain items and speed up progress. This approach aligns with the monetization strategies of traditional mobile games, such as Clash Royale, which have generated billions in revenue through microtransactions.
  • Seasonal Battle Pass - Players will have the option to purchase the WAGMI Pass for $4.99, providing them with passive perks and resources that exceed the value of the pass.
  • Skill-Based Battles (Wagering) - WAGMI Defense will introduce skill-based wagering arenas, where players can compete in winner-take-all battles. WAGMI Games will collect 10% of all entry fees as royalties.
  • Live Op Events - WAGMI Defense will feature frequent live op events, which will offer players additional content and rewards. Optional "Event Tickets" can be purchased in exchange for access to the event, providing another source of revenue for the company.

2. NiFe WARS Comic Books

WAGMI Games has been releasing quarterly comic books that delve into the lore of the franchise. These comics are currently tradeable on Opensea and Rarible marketplaces.
NiFe Wars Comic Book Collection: Volume 1 "The Betrayal"

3. Physical Collectibles, Streetwear & Cosplay

WAGMI Games is committed to expanding the boundaries of entertainment by introducing physical collectibles, streetwear, and immersive cosplay experiences. Our vision is to provide the community with tangible expressions of their love for the franchise, bringing the virtual world into the real world.
  • Diverse Collectibles: Embracing the charm of physical collectibles, we aim to introduce a range of merchandise, including figurines like Funko Pops, that showcase beloved characters from our universe. These collectibles will serve as tokens of appreciation for our dedicated community, creating lasting connections with the WAGMI Games brand.
  • Streetwear for All: Our streetwear line will be an extension of the WAGMI Games universe, allowing fans to wear their passion with pride. From stylish apparel to statement pieces, our streetwear collection will cater to diverse tastes, ensuring that everyone can showcase their affiliation with our franchise.
  • Unleashing the Cosplay Potential: The creativity of our community knows no bounds, and we are thrilled to explore the vast cosplay opportunities within the WAGMI Games IP. The recent launch of the Human Emperor Mech Suit marks only the beginning of the immersive cosplay experiences we aim to curate.
  • Embracing the Real World: As WAGMI Games continues to flourish, we recognize the importance of bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds. Our physical collectibles, streetwear, and cosplay initiatives seek to foster a sense of belonging, unity, and shared enthusiasm among our fans.

4. Secondary Market Royalties

All digital items purchased on primary marketplaces can be later traded on the secondary market. WAGMI Games collects a 10% fee (royalties) for every sale on the secondary market.