GENESIS NFT Collection

In April 2022, WAGMI Games released the GENESIS Collection, consisting of 3022 unique NFTs.

These digital collectibles are currently being traded on OpenSea and Rarible (verified on both platforms) with a trading volume of 1250 ETH at the time of writing.

Hand-drawn by the artist MaddSketch, the GENESIS collectibles are a fun and eclectic combination of the 12 main characters in the WAGMI Defense story arc.

The collection was launched on the ERC-20 network and provides the following utility:

1. GENESIS NFT Rewards

WAGMI Games gives GENESIS holders the chance to receive rewards through quests aimed at improving the WAGMI Games ecosystem, such as WAGMI Defense gameplay, UI/UX, marketing, messaging, control mechanisms, and more. These quests will be posted on the holder interface and can be claimed after completion.

Each GENESIS NFT will have an equal chance to claim rewards from the 3022 units available.

A user-friendly interface allows GENESIS holders to view available quests and claim rewards with ease. Quests will start once WAGMI Defense starts selling items.

2. Early Access to In-Game Card Packs at Launch

GENESIS holders will have the opportunity to claim all in-game items before the official launch to the general public. (this has already been completed through the airdrop of 32 Founder's Cards per Genesis NFT in October 2023)

3. Future Whitelist Opportunities (for example, NiFe Wars Comic Books)

4. Exclusive High Stakes Tournaments

GENESIS holders will have the chance to participate in exclusive tournaments that are limited to GENESIS holders only.

Additionally, in the future, GENESIS holders will have the option to lend out their NFTs for these exclusive tournaments to players who wish to participate but do not own a GENESIS NFT.

The collection features 22 LEGENDARY NFTs, including:

  • TEN Gold Human Emperors: Minting a Gold Human Emperor grants the holder a physical 3D-printed Human Emperor action figure. (already completed)

  • TWELVE Original MaddSketch: Minting one of the original 12 black and white sketches created by MaddSketch grants holders a physical 3D-printed Human Emperor action figure (not of gold color). (already completed)

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