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WAGMI Defense is a free-to-play real-time strategy mobile video game that combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. The objective of the game is to destroy more Command Towers than your opponent. Destroying the Imperial HQ will count as an instant victory.

Players will face each other with their own decks of 6 cards each. These cards can be obtained in different ways:

  • During the tutorial, the players will get 6 cards for free

  • When they win a match, a chest will be available for players to unlock. Once unlocked, players can get a card as a prize.

  • Special Cards are available for direct purchase in the in-game shop.

  • Other Special Cards are available in the Founder's Pack, and for Comic Book Holders.

Players can mix and match their unlocked cards, as long as they are from the same faction, meaning players can have “Alien” decks and “Human” decks. The goal of deck building is to create a strategy to overwhelm your opponent and win the match. Elements such as energy cost, deck rotations, pacing, power, etc, will come into play when building your deck.

Game Progressions

In WAGMI Defense, players can earn Experience Points (EXP) every time they execute an action in the game. The actions that provide you EXP are:

  • Playing a game

  • Winning a game

  • Leveling up a card

  • Purchasing something in the store

  • Evolving, upgrading, and scrapping your cards

The player's journey to acquire EXP is known as the Galactic Odyssey, which is essentially the game's quest to reach the maximum account level possible. While leveling up, the player will get rewards for free, such as currencies and cards.

WAGMI Defense also features a seasonal PvP system that lasts up to 30-60 days. During an ongoing season, players engage in PvP battles and earn a set number of medals with each win, allowing them to "rank up." Additionally, players will lose medals and decrease their rank with each loss.

As players achieve higher battle ranks, new maps are unlocked, and the competition becomes more challenging. The highest achievable rank is Rank 10 and comes with unique rewards, including an exclusive Avatar Pose and Badge!

Once the season ends, all ranks and medals are reset, and players begin their climb again at the start of the next season.


Game Rules and Card System

Players will face each other in 3 minute matches. Each player will have a deck of 6 cards. The deck can be conformed to only Human cards or only Alien cards. Players will look to destroy more towers than the opponent. Each card that is deployed in the battlefield has different characteristics, for example, the Range, Attack, Health, Unit Type, energy usage, and more, are important elements of the strategy.

The player can only deploy one card at a time, once used, it will go back to the back of the deck. Play other cards to bring back your used cards to the front of your deck. Each card costs Energy Points to deploy, and every card uses different amounts of energy points, so rotating and using cards is important.

Players are able to upgrade their cards by using NiFe (Soft currency of the game, obtained for free or by purchasing it in the store). Upgrading the cards will allow the units to become more powerful, helping players achieve more victories against tougher opponents.s. Players are also able to evolve their cards into another rarity, allowing for a more unique card collection. Finally, upgraded cards can be listed and sold in the secondary marketplace, if the player chooses to do so.

WAGMI Games plans to host a variety of Tournaments, Elite Tournaments, GENESIS NFT Tournaments, and competitive eSports Tournaments. Although all players are welcome, different tournament styles will feature different entry requirements and prizes.

As the game matures, new battle modes will also be introduced.

Live Operations

Live Operations, also known as "Live Ops," refers to any changes, updates, or improvements made to a game without releasing an entirely new version. WAGMI games intends to pursue an aggressive Live Ops model to not only acquire new players but also to retain the interest of current players as the game progresses.

  • Daily free war chest

  • Daily log-in tracker with weekly/monthly rewards

  • Seasonal campaigns

  • Daily social media interaction rewards (Post on Twitter, etc)

  • Weekly or monthly events (introduce new characters, power cards, skins, emotes, etc.)

  • Monthly rotation of loot chests in the Shop

  • Weekly grind events with bonus multipliers of in-game resources

  • Leaderboard events

  • Various quests, missions, and reward-based objectives

  • Card fusion events


There currently are 2 in-game currencies, Adallium and NiFe.

  • Adallium – The game’s hard currency. Adallium is used to completely skip the unlocking time for War Chests and acquire ALL items in the Shop. Adallium can be purchased in the Shop with FIAT or crypto.

  • NiFe – NiFe is a valuable resource in WAGMI Defense, used to upgrade cards. The higher the level of a card, the more NiFe is required for each upgrade. Players can obtain NiFe by winning PvP battles and by purchasing it in the in-game shop.

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