"Our mission is to disrupt the traditional app store gaming industry, return the power back into the gamer’s hands and become the leading Web3 gaming franchise on the mobile app stores."
The team plans to accomplish this mission by targeting the casual mobile gamer via the first title of the franchise, WAGMI Defense.
Casual gamers make up the majority of the gaming ecosystem due to the ease of access that mobile gaming provides. This will play a key role in onboarding, not only the 300M people already engaged with Web3, but also the 2.7B casual and traditional gamers who are looking for a way to gain something more than entertainment after spending a small fortune on traditional games.
WAGMI Games strives to combine the entertainment component of traditional games with all the benefits that come with Web3 gaming, including asset ownership, potential profit-making via skill-based battles and tournaments, as well as powering up, lending, and selling in-game assets/collectibles.