At WAGMI Games, our mission is to revolutionize the entertainment industry by pioneering a groundbreaking Web3 transmedia franchise that bridges the gap between the Web3 and Web2 worlds. We are dedicated to achieving mass adoption through the seamless integration of mobile gaming, captivating storytelling, and a thriving community.

Our first title, WAGMI Defense, serves as a strategic entry point to onboard not only the existing 300 million people engaged with Web3 but also the massive 3.3 billion casual and traditional gamers seeking a more enriching gaming experience.

We endeavor to seamlessly merge the entertainment aspects of traditional games with the numerous advantages of Web3 gaming. This includes providing players with true ownership of in-game items through NFTs, the potential for rewards through skill-based battles and tournaments, and the freedom to power up, lend, and sell in-game items and collectibles.

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