WAGMI Defense is a mobile strategy/auto-battler/card collection game and the first title to be released from the WAGMI Games franchise. It is currently in Closed Beta on Google Play and is expected to be soft launched in select countries in Q4 of 2023.

WAGMI Defense is a brand new game genre, fusing elements of different successful games and adding a sprinkle of blockchain elements, creating a sci-fi game built for mass adoption.

While the core game loop feels similar to Supercell's Clash Royale, the entire game has a futuristic, sci-fi twist that has never been witnessed before. On top of that, the intricate Card System borrows elements from Marvel Snap and Genshin Impact to create an addictive loop of purchasing-collecting-upgrading that could become profitable should the player decides to list the cards on the secondary market.

WAGMI Defense delivers fast-paced and fun gameplay, allowing players to level up individual cards in their collection and increase or decrease their rank as they win or lose battles. Players must choose a side (Alien or Human), build their deck, and find the right strategy to defend their towers while trying to destroy their opponent's towers, all in under 3 minutes! WAGMI Defense main features are:

  • Providing players true item ownership with interoperability with other games and future franchise titles.

  • Remove high-friction onboarding and paywalls that deter players away from NFT ecosystems.

  • Making the game available for download on the official app stores, and will not be requiring any crypto, NFTs or defi wallets to play the game.

  • Allow players to play without the need of creating an account.

  • Have a custodial wallet (WAGMI Wallet) created for the players, allowing players to store all in-game items, and players can also choose to use their external wallets if they prefer. This feature makes it easy for players to access, manage, and transact their in-game items, regardless of their prior knowledge of blockchain.

  • Provide offers, cards, items, and customizable items for players to purchase as micro-transactions for players to progress faster, or customize their items.

  • PvP and PvE battles, allowing players to customize their deck with different characters and skins, level up their account and collect in-game items.

  • Full built in-game economy where users can play and level up for free, or pay for exclusive items and faster progress.

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