WAGMI Games Founder's Packs

We are bringing back the nostalgia of opening card packs (think Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh) but this time, it's digital packs in our web3 universe. With a supply that is constantly burned as holders open and burn the packs, this collection gives you the first (and last) opportunity to collect the exclusive characters of the rapidly evolving, interoperable WAGMI Games universe.

⏲️ LAUNCH DATE: September 27, 2023

🔢 ITEMS:3,000


💎 OPENSEA: https://opensea.io/collection/wagmigamesfounderspacks

Each Founder's Pack can be opened in order to claim 32 Founder's Cards, playable in WAGMI Defense and tradeable on L2 marketplaces.

🔧 Founder's Packs Utility: https://www.wagmigame.io/founders-pack.html

📖 How To Open Your Pack: https://medium.com/@wagmi/wagmi-games-founders-packs-reveal-how-to-open-yours-ab90ef55d942

Important Points:

This collection is extremely deflationary. As players OPEN the packs, the packs are BURNED and removed from circulation, reducing the total supply.

Every single pack contains 32 Founder's Cards but some of them are Rare, others are Epic and some... are LEGENDARY. You might have to mint more than one to get a full deck of 32 Legendaries!

Open your Pack... or dont! - It's your decision. Unopened packs could be worth a lot on OpenSea in the future, especially as the supply is burned. However, opening the packs could provide you with Legendary versions of the most exclusive cards in the game, which could also be worth a lot on the secondary market.

🔎 IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS: https://medium.com/@wagmi/wagmi-games-announces-the-mint-of-the-year-founders-packs-mint-drops-exclusively-on-opensea-51562fedd37e

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