Token Utility

The WAGMI Games token ($WAGMIGAMES) is directly tied to the success of the company’s first title, WAGMI Defense.

In-Game Utility

  • Players will be required to buy the WAGMI Battle Pass (purchasable only with $WAGMIGAMES) in order to enter skill-based "winner take all" battle arenas.
  • Holding $WAGMIGAMES will allow players to access exclusive sections of the in-game shop.
  • The $WAGMIGAMES token will act as the "serum" required for Card Fusion. Depending on how much serum is used, the chances of acquiring rarer Nephilim cards (NFTs) are increased accordingly.
  • Future use cases of the token will also include in-app purchases of assets and resources as well as entry fees for the skill-based battles.

Strategic Buy-Backs

WAGMI Games intends to utilize a percentage of WAGMI Defense NFT marketplace's gross profit (5%) to perform daily, automated buy-backs on the token, thus consistently raising the floor price.
This strategy directly associates the success of the token with the success of the game and the company as a whole. To explain it further, as more players dive into the game and complete in-game purchases, the buybacks against the chart will be proportionally escalated.
Moreover, half (50%) of the acquired tokens will be locked indefinitely, while the other half remains available to be utilized as the community sees fit through the Governance feature. These tokens would only be used if the benefits that stem from their usage heavily support the betterment of the project and its community.


On-chain governance is a system for managing and implementing changes to cryptocurrency Blockchains. In this type of governance, rules for instituting changes are encoded into the blockchain protocol. Developers propose changes through code updates and each node votes on whether to accept or reject the proposed change.
In the case of WAGMI Games, the investors will be allowed to vote on certain aspects of the game. The vote will be completely decentralized with no external factors influencing the vote and the outcome of the vote will be the final decision.
Voting allowed for the following items:
  • New Maps
  • New In-Game Assets (NFTs)
  • Changes To Game Mechanics
  • In-Game Music (WAGMI RADIO) & More
The more $WAGMIGAMES tokens a player holds, the more voting power they'll have within the governance. As a result, the community can truly influence the direction of the game and the company by simply being a part of its ecosystem.


Through the Governance utility, holders of the token will be able to vote on different artists and music that will be featured in the game. Any partnering artists will be featured on the home page for that month and each consecutive month will highlight different artists.
WAGMI Radio will be available in-game and may be listened to whilst a player battles, prepares for battle and on the homepage interface.


WAGMI Games will also allow the community to stake their $WAGMIGAMES tokens, receive in-game rewards and benefit from claiming the seasonal Battle Pass.
This utility is highly important for the WAGMIGAMES token as it will support the price chart- by minimizing sells.
Holders will be able to stake and un-stake their tokens on a custom dashboard on the main website. Claiming the rewards will also be available on the same dashboard.
Furthermore, WAGMI Games intends to educate gamers on the importance of purchasing and holding the token, as it will vastly improve their in-game experience and accelerate their progress.
Sneak Peek of WAGMI Games' HQ