GameFi & The Gaming Industry

Market Size

With $203 billion dollars in revenue and 2.7 billion gamers active worldwide, the opportunity is not just abundant but hard to resist.
Virtually unaffected by the socioeconomic state of the world and other external factors, the gaming industry is not only the highest-earning entertainment sector globally, but projections show a clear upward trend in the foreseeable future.
More specifically, mobile gaming is estimated to account for over 52% of the global gaming market with revenue of $105B in 2022. These factors alone made the team’s decision to focus primarily on Mobile and secondarily on Desktop/PC users the obvious choice for long-term success and growth.

NFT Market

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token), simply put, is digital proof of asset ownership.
Despite the recent reduction in interest surrounding NFTs following the monumental up-rise in 2021, WAGMI Games believes that NFTs are here to stay and their true power lies in utility.
(i) - In 2021, the NFT market generated over $23 billion in trading volume.
However, WAGMI Games recognizes that the term “NFT” is generally frowned upon by the majority of the population, especially those who are not familiar with the crypto industry. Thus, the team will also focus on educating gamers on Asset Ownership and will refer to NFTs as “in-game assets” or collectibles. Creating a co-branded educational series alongside Immutable-X & GameStop is part of the WAGMI Games' strategy as well.
Teaching the casual player that they have the power to own, trade, rent, and sell their in-game assets is undoubtedly the medium that will grant not only gamers, but content creators and streamers, the experience they have been seeking all along.