Business Model

WAGMI Defense Ecosystem

  • NiFe – In-game resource, also known as “soft currency”. NiFe is an off-chain game resource that allows players to upgrade their Cards (NFTs).
    • NiFe can be collected in-game by battling opponents or in the Shop by exchanging Adallium for it.
  • Adallium – The game’s premium resource, also remains off-chain. Adallium is used to skip the unlocking time for War Chests as well as to purchase NiFe, Upgrade Cards and additional War Chests.
    • Adallium can be purchased in the Shop with FIAT or crypto.
  • Upgrade Cards – Another in-game resource that can randomly be awarded for winning battles or can be bought with Adallium.
    • In order to upgrade any card (NFT) to the next level, both NiFe and Upgrade Cards are required.
  • WAGMIGAMES Token – The main ecosystem token will be utilized to purchase the WAGMI Battle Pass (monthly), a ticket that’s required for players to access Wagering Arenas (skill-based battles with entry fees) as well as other Live Ops.
    • Holding $WAGMIGAMES will allow players to access an exclusive section of the in-game Shop as well as access to Card Fusion, a game mechanic that enables players to combine alien and human cards in order to create a new race (Nephilims).
    • Eventually, the WAGMIGAMES token will be used as a payment method for in-game purchases as well as the entry fee for skill-based battles.
    • For a more in-depth breakdown of additional utilities such as "Governance and Staking", please refer to the "Token Utility" section.

GENESIS NFT Collection

In April 2022, WAGMI Games released a GENESIS NFT Collection of 3022 unique NFTs. They are currently tradable on OpenSea & Rarible (both verified) with a current trading volume of 559ETH at the time of writing.
Hand-drawn by artist MaddSketch, the GENESIS NFTs are a fun mixed-matched combination of the 12 main characters in the WAGMI Defense story arc.
The collection was launched/minted on the ERC-20 network and provides the following utility:
  • Each GENESIS NFT will receive an equal share of the revenue collected from a 10% tax applied to the new In-Game NFT Marketplace purchases when WAGMI Defense launches.
    • Paid out quarterly in $ETH or $USDC (air-drops)
    • Applies to any in-game NFT purchases (cards, skins, avatars & banners)
  • Access to In-Game NFTs Packs When Game is Released
    • GENESIS NFT holders will be able to mint ALL IN-GAME ASSETS (as NFTs) BEFORE the launch to the general public.
    • Each month GENESIS NFT holders will receive credits to mint more in-game assets as they become available.
  • Access to Members Only Discord Channel
  • Access to Exclusive NFTs and In-Game Discounts
  • Future Whitelist opportunities. (For example, WAGMI Defense Comic Book Mint)
  • Exclusive High Stakes Tournaments
    • GENESIS NFT Holders have the opportunity to enter exclusive tournaments for GENESIS NFT holders only. The first tournament will be in Q4 of 2022 with a grand prize of $10,000.
    • In the future, GENESIS NFT holders will have the ability to RENT OUT their NFTs for these exclusive tournaments to players who want to enter but do not own a GENESIS NFT.
The collection includes 22 LEGENDARY NFTs:
  • TEN Gold Human Emperors:
    • Minting a Gold Human Emperor awarded you a physical 3D Printed Human Emperor Action Figure.
  • TWELVE Original MaddSketch:
    • Minting one of the original 12 black & white sketches created by MaddSketch will award players exclusive minting of that character's in-game assets for the life of the game.
More info regarding the Genesis NFT collection can be found here.

Revenue Model

WAGMI Defense operates as a Web2 game with Web3 elements sprinkled in. More specifically, while the game is based on the use of blockchain & NFTs, WAGMI Defense heavily focuses on the traditional revenue model of mobile games which is micro-transactions. As a result, WAGMI Games has positioned itself to truly go after mass adoption in GameFi.
Upon download (from App Store or Google Play), players will instantly engage in a free-to-play game loop, designed to demonstrate the mechanics of the game. Once players have had a chance to experience the gameplay, they will be asked to either continue playing for free or go through a simple sign-up process and purchase their first in-game assets to unlock the full game experience.
WAGMI Defense will include educational drip campaigns that will teach players the benefits of owning their in-game assets, including how to list them for sale or rent them out to interested parties.
Once the full version of the game is unlocked, players will begin their journey leveling up and acquiring new cards (NFTs) all of which are purchasable in the Shop. Players will also be able to pay for various micro-transactions, such as War Chests and Adallium, to help speed up the leveling process of their cards (NFTs)
Potential revenue streams are as follows:
  1. 1.
    Primary NFT Marketplace (Shop) These sales are derived from the Shop where players will have the option to buy playable cards (NFTs) that will be used in the game. As of today, WAGMI Defense plans to have over 350 different in-game assets by the release of the full game. These cards (NFTs) can be leveled up and resold on the secondary market as well. Leveling cards allow players to extract value by selling a leveled-up card to another player for a higher price.
  2. 2.
    Secondary NFT Marketplace (GameStop, ImmutableX, etc) WAGMIGAMES will collect a 10% tax on every sale in the secondary market for all NFT assets traded among players.
  3. 3.
    In-Game Resources Players will have the option to purchase in-game resources that will help them progress through the game such as Adallium, Upgrade Cards, and other items that are part of the progression of the game.
  4. 4.
    Skill-Based Battles (Entry Fee) WAGMIGAMES will collect 10% of all skill-based battle entry fees.
  5. 5.
    Wagering Subscription Players will be required to purchase a subscription in order to enter skill-based battles.
  6. 6.
    Comic Book Release WAGMI Defense plans to release a series of comic book stories related to the characters and events in the game that players will have the option of minting and purchasing.