Executive Summary

WAGMI Games is a Web 3.0 gaming franchise on a mission to disrupt the traditional mobile app store gaming industry and return the power back into the gamer’s hands.
The company’s first title, WAGMI Defense, is set in the year 3022 featuring:
  • A sustainable and profitable Play-and-Earn game economy
  • True Asset Ownership through NFTs
  • Competitive, Skill-Based Battles with winner-take-all entry fees
  • Interoperability of assets with future games
  • An educational funnel to help gamers learn about crypto.
WAGMI Defense is the first Web3 game launched in App Stores (iOS & Android) while enabling players to purchase in-game assets (NFTs) with either FIAT or crypto. This hybrid web3/traditional game approach will facilitate true mass adoption via a smooth transition of web2 gamers to crypto gaming.
Once players realize that on top of a fun gaming experience, they can also earn substantial monetary rewards for dedicating hours to gameplay, the entire web3 industry is bound to explode with an estimated market cap of trillions of dollars. As a mobile gaming franchise, WAGMI Games is positioned to claim a sizable piece of that market.
The WAGMI Games core team consists of 6 developers that are leading the project, including an established team of game developers, visual artists, and advisors.
Capitalizing on the world’s #1 Web3 acronym W.A.G.M.I., the company’s main ethical and financial thesis stands as “We Are All Going To Make It”.
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