Executive Summary

WAGMI Games is a Web 3.0 gaming franchise that aims to disrupt the traditional mobile app store gaming industry by giving power back to the players.
The company's flagship title, WAGMI Defense, is set in the year 3022 and boasts:
  • Ownership of in-game items through the use of NFTs
  • A truly sustainable Play-and-Earn game economy
  • Competitive, skill-based battles with winner-take-all styled entry fees
  • Interoperability of in-game items between different games
  • An educational component that helps players learn about Web3 and digital item ownership
WAGMI Defense is the first Web 3.0 game to be launched on both iOS and Android app stores (Q1 2023), allowing players to purchase in-game NFTs with either fiat or cryptocurrency.
This hybrid approach to Web 3.0 and traditional gaming is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for Web 2.0 gamers to crypto gaming, and once players understand that they can earn substantial rewards through gameplay, it is expected that the entire Web 3.0 industry will experience explosive growth with a projected market cap of trillions of dollars.
The WAGMI Games team is composed of 6 developers, including a seasoned team of game developers, visual artists, and advisors. With the company's slogan "We Are All Going To Make It", the team is dedicated to capitalizing on the world's #1 Web3 acronym W.A.G.M.I. and positioning itself to claim a substantial share of the market.
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